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The Azuero Peninsula is rapidly becoming one of the most popular development regions of the southern Panamanian coast.  Pedasi, a town bustling with activity and excitement, lies right in the heart of this attractive setting.  Endowed with all the amenities of a major city Pedasi is the ideal support center for large-scale developments.

The property - right on Pedasi’s doorstep, just five minutes away - consists of approximately 410 acres of raw land with a half-mile of Pacific Ocean frontage.  From almost any spot on the property there is a perfect view of the five mile-wide bay that hugs the shore. On the interior a rich diversity of terrain parallels its development possibilities.  Water features, dense forests, sweeping plains and untouched meadows make most forget how connected and capable (as a business venture) the parcel really is. A prevision property development plan is available.

The property is titled to within the 200 meter high-water mark.

This beautiful beach front property is for sale and priced at $11 per square meter.

Check out the Gallery for images of the land and ocean views. 

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Beautiful Pedasi, Panama property developments. Amazing beachfront property developments along the Azueros Peninsula.
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