Pedasi Panama Land Developers

Utility Infrastructure

  Pedasi and its surrounding areas have a complete electrical infrastructure that can easily accommodate large scale construction projects.  The utility companies of the completely privatized electricity industry of Panama are required to bring sufficient power, no matter the scale of the project, to the property line.

Water:  The region’s aqueducts consistently supply an abundance of clean drinking water for the area.  New wells may be dug on the property to meet project density requirements.  Approval is almost automatic.

Telecommunication:  Internet, land-line telephone and cellular network infrastructure are all available to the site through private providers. Fibre optics are available less than one km away.

Sewage and Waste:  Developers have the ability to choose their own services from those available in the area to best suit their operational requirements. This must meet with local regulations, with the impact on the environment being considered.

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